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"Throwing Back to the 70s/80s"

Although time travel hasn’t been discovered yet, fashion is taking us on a retro journey this season.

We’re pretty sure your feeds are filled with trends recalling the seventies and eighties. No, it isn’t a

coincidence because Summer 2017 is all about throwing back to the glamour of the 70s and 80s.

From buttoned down skirts to cat-eyed sunglasses streets are reminiscing the past decades. Almost

all celebrities are looking out of a dress-up party. Kendall Jenner seems to be obsessed with cat-eye

sunglasses while Gigi Hadid is giving us the vibes through her kick flares. Even Rihanna is in the

game with her bandanas.

We wouldn’t have the heart to let you miss out on all of these trends so why not check out the

celebrities opting for the allure of the seventies and eighties to get inspiration from. Fashion is all

about revival so it is not quite a surprise that the styles are repeating after all these decades.

Although some of us haven’t lived through the hippie seventies or the extravagant eighties fashion

is giving us a chance to live it bold now!

Kitten Heels:

Heels hurt but kitten heels don’t! Check out Chiara Ferragni wearing these retro slingbacks during

Paris Fashion Week.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses:

Kendall is giving us the retro vibe not only through her cat-eye sunglasses but also her bardot top

and neck tie.

Flared Trousers:

Gigi Hadid seems to love these white boots as she is seen wearing them over and over again. Gigi is throwing back to the seventies with these flared trousers, it’s just perfect for giving the hot weather

a kick.

All Denim Look:

Selena Gomez is unmissable with this all denim look. If you like taking risks, this look is your go-to

for flaunting the throwback look this season.

Bandana and Hoops:

Why stick to one decade when you can combine both? Everyone was talking about Rihanna’s style

in the infamous music video ‘Wild Thoughts.’ Replicate the look with a bandana inspired from the

seventies and large hoops from the allure of the eighties. Spot on. You get the look for the summer.

Big Shoulders:

It may be too hot for shoulder padded blazers but big shoulders are coming back this summer with

blouses. Replicate Celine Dion’s look from Paris Fashion Week and flatter your inner Dynasty

persona from the eighties.


You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym with shiny leotards to nail the retro athleisure look. You

can do it on the street like Rita Ora did in London.

Blazer Dress:

The Hadid sisters are doing some major throwbacks, Bella Hadid was wearing a sharp shouldered

blazer dress in the CFDA awards. This look gives us motivation to wrap a large belt around our

favourite blazer jacket.


This is probably the most useful retro trend of the summer as you can spend all day and night hands

free with bumbags. Just like Sophia Richie, you can wear it with a sporty look to have your hands

free for all the shopping you’ll do in the morning or wear it at night to dance wildly in the club.

Retro Swimsuit:

Without retro swimsuits the throwback trends of this season wouldn’t be complete. Take the trends

with you to the beach like Emily Ratajkowski does.

by Alya Barutoglu

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