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"Pride month" Gucci

With the ‘athleisure’ trend getting popular each day, Gucci didn’t stay behind of this style.

Showcased in the brand’s Resort 2017 Collection, the rainbow platform sneakers gained fame in a

very short period.

More and more bloggers are posing with these sneakers and it seems like Gucci’s rainbow sneakers

are also a favourite of royalty. Last week, Greece’s Princess Olympia threw a birthday party in their

mansion for her 21st birthday and she wore Gucci’s rainbow sneakers under her gown. Sharing her

look on Instagram, the princess increased the popularity of the already famous sneakers.

Adjusting their time perfectly, Gucci debuted the platform sneakers in ‘Pride Month’ which made

the shoes a favourite of rainbow supporters. This month we were already surrounded by rainbow

flags and Gucci carried it to our feet, it seems like these platform sneakers aren’t ready to disappear

from our news feeds yet.

by Alya Barutoglu

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