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Maud Elena interview

Meet Maud Elena, an emerging model from Wilhelmina New York.

Maud was discovered few months ago after her friend who worked at V magazine asked if she was interested in modelling. When she said yes, her friend told Maud to write down the name of her dream agency and she would send them an email with some photos of her.

Maud said Wilhelmina and it worked out, since then, the part time student at the New School in New York is appearing in more and more editorial shoots.

Currently Maud is building up her portfolio to participate in the Fall fashion week.

LATEST: Did you always want to model? MAUD ELENA: I never really thought about it growing up, but once I moved to New York for school I was approached about it a couple of times and decided to give it a shot.

LATEST: How would you describe yourself in one sentence? MAUD ELENA: “5 feet of heaven in a ponytail.” I am actually 5’10” but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

LATEST: Do you have any hidden talents? MAUD ELENA: I have a photographic memory and never forget the face of anyone I meet. Names are a different story though!

LATEST: Who is your celebrity spirit animal? MAUD: Mick Jagger. Past, present, and future.

LATEST: What is the phrase you use the most? MAUD ELENA: “Just give me 5 minutes, I’m on my way.”

LATEST: What is a moment you can never forget? MAUD ELENA: Signing the lease on my first New York apartment.

by Alya Barutoglu

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