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Vans and Karl Lagerfeld Collaboration

The logo for the Vans and Karl Lagerfeld collaboration.

Vans and Karl Lagerfeld? Yes it's happening, and it's very soon!

Vans have come back into fashion in the past years with their Old School sneakers. They are known for their signature black and white shoes and checkerboard logo. Whilst Karl Lagerfeld is the man of black and white. So this collection is the merge of the two big names of black and white!

Mark 7th of September on your calendars as the collection will be available both in Vans stores and Karl Lagerfeld stores. Karl Lagerfeld is interpreting 6 classic models of Vans with a Karl silhoutte on the infamed checkerboard logo and also a quilted 'K' imprint on the merchandise. Not only will there be shoes but the collaboration also includes t-shirts, bomber jackets and bags! Are you excited yet? Because we are!

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