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Designer Duct Tapes

Raf Simons' Duct Tape

Raf Simons just designed duct tapes that are priced £155. If you can't get enough of interesting designer products, Raf is your guy. The famous Creative Director initially used these duct tapes in his Fall/Winter 2017 menswear fashion show. They weren't used to tape boxes, instead they were used as belts over wool blazers.

Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Show

Raf Simons isn't the only designer who is creating these types of products. Peter Jensen also created duct tapes with rabbit figures which were slightly better priced at £15. Prada also created paperclips for £140. Fashion news couldn't get over Balenciaga's £1,125 bags that looked exactly like Ikea's shopping bags for months. So we are guessing Raf Simons' duct tapes will probably face the same fate.

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