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Agent Provocateur’s Gender Neutral Lingerie

For years Agent Provocateur has been the brand of ultra-sexy lingerie, all of their collections were somewhat sensual yet this time the brand is taking on a new mission. The brand was established by Serena Rees in 1994 and since then Agent Provocateur has been the go-to gift for Valentine’s Day. The new launch is not something necessarily sexy but it is innovative and progressive so we love it. Les Girls Les Boys will be a lingerie label featuring intimates, underwear, and streetwear that isn’t designed for only one gender. This new line will be gender neutral!

Courtesy of Les Girls Les Boys

The debut collection launches on September 1 so it’s now, with 100 pieces.The aesthetic of this new line isn’t anything like Agent Provocateur’s signature style, it is much more neutral. The collection includes minimalist designed graphic t-shirts, sports bras and sweaters.

Courtesy of Les Girls Les Boys

Les Girls Les Boys was an idea that started 18 months ago when Rees noticed that there was a disconnection of oversexualised concepts of lingerie and how young people now view sexuality.

“The last decade has been the rise of totally unobtainable and hypersexualised body images, particularly for women, fueled by the era of internet, social media and plastic surgery. It is wrong and it is worrying because it makes people so unhappy and insecure. In a weird way. I feel a little responsible for it,” says Rees to New York Times about this new line.

Courtesy of Les Girls Les Boys

Gender neutral and androgynous fashion is increasingly becoming a very important component of apparel. Agent Provacteur launching this collection is a huge step in fashion for social change. We're looking forward for more brands to join this unavoidable change!

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