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Gucci is Officially Fur-Free

Gucci Fur Loafers-Pinterest

Fur lined loafers was one of Gucci’s trendiest items of last year and now the brand has stated they are going fur-free! The news shocked the fashion industry and now it is the only thing everyone can talk about.

During the 2017 Kerint Talk at London College of Fashion CEO Marco Bizarri announced that the brand was going to be anti-fur starting with their Spring 2018 Collection. After their work with The Humane Society of the U.S. and LAV, Gucci said they will be joining the Fur Free Alliance which monitors the brand from using any animal fur.

Marco Bizarri at the 2017 Kering Talk-Getty Images

Bizarre stated, “Being socially responsible is one of Gucci’s core values, and we will continue to strive to do better for the environment and animals. With the help of HSUS and LAV, Gucci is excited to take this next step and hopes it will help inspire innovation and raise awareness, changing the luxury fashion industry for the better.”

The Italian has joined the bandwagon of cruelty free luxury brands like Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, and Stella McCartney. This was major fashion news since Gucci has been a prominent user of fur. Get prepared to hear similar news from other luxury brands as fashion moves to a much more sustainable direction!

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