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New Concept of Valentino


Valentino has taken on a new theme for their Resort 2018 Colelction. Last May the Pierpaolo Piccioli showcased the athletic inspired collection in New York and this year it will appear in pop-up stores around the world. The concept pop-up stores have been designed to remind of gymnasiums to match the collection. From yoga mats, basketballs, baseball caps to athletic wear the collection is taking on the VLTN logo for this new identity. This new logo was inspired by the brand’s logo used in the eighties and nineties.

Aiming to speak to the younger and popular culture the collection embraces their lifestyle. Planned to open this month and in November, the pop-up stores will be available to visit around the world. Shot by the famous photographer Terry Richardson in a basketball court, the Resort 2018 collection embodies a whole new Valentino.

For this new theme, Piccioli wanted to embrace the street culture into the world of Valentino. He even wanted the sale assistants to embrace their own styles and not a uniform. Intending to reach out to a wider market the collection ranges from $95 to $1,900.

“You’re not used to seeing Valentino like this,” Piccioli said. “But when you see it you will think it’s a new perspective on the same world of Valentino.”

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