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Pirelli calendar 2018 by Tim Walker

Presented six months after shooting in London, the Pirelli 2018 Calendar has been featured by protagonists as "a dream job," "everything I've always wanted" and "chaotic - in the best possible way".

Tim Walker has a cast of 18 characters, including musicians, actors, models, political activists. The theme of the 45th edition is "The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland", revisited by the British photographer through its unmistakable style.

backstage Pirelli calendar 2018

"Alice's story," Walker talk, "has been narrated infinitely and I wanted to find a different and original point of view."

The design of this calendar involved an "all black" cast, as was the case in the 1987 Calendar, when British photographer Terence Donovan portrayed five beautiful black women, including sixteen-year-old Naomi Campbell.

courtesy of Pirelli

For the UK's top model and actress Naomi this is the fourth Calendar.

"I took part in the Pirelli Calendar for four decades, each so different, but all iconic."

backstage Pirelli calendar 2018

With her we find the Sudanese-Australian model Adut Akech, the german-british female model and activist Adwoa Aboah, the Senegalese-German model Alpha Dia, Benin-American actor and activist Djimon Hounsou, South Sudan-Australian model Duckie Thot, Jambian rights activist Jaha Dukureh, British model King Owusu, American rapper and singer Lil Yachty, Mexican actress American actress Sasha Lane, rapper, singer, composer, actor, record producer and entrepreneur Sean "Diddy" Combs, American model Slick Woods, the American actress Lupita Nyong'o, the actor, TV character and songwriter RuPaul, model and South African lawyer Thando Hopa, the actress, comedian, author and tv host Whoopi Goldberg, British model Wilson Oryema and British designer, designer and singer Zo and Bedeaux.

backstage Pirelli calendar 2018

Each character has been carefully selected for his role in the Country of Wonders and the costumes chosen by Edward Enninful, British Vogue's editor-in-chief.

Some characters appear together with others in the photographs, such as Djimon Hounsou and RuPaul in cloths the King and the Queen of Hearts. "In the role of the King of Hearts you have to let the Queen make decisions. Strong and clear! "Said Djimon, amused, referring to the collaboration with RuPaul.

Working with Sean "Diddy" Combs, who plays one of the heads with Naomi Campbell, was the reason for "laughing from start to finish" - said the British top model. "Any part asked me to interpret, I would have done it. Being a head cutter was fun. Cut her head!

backstage Pirelli calendar 2018

Duckie Thot is only at the beginning of her career but she already has a great success. She was one of the "most beautiful surprises" for Tim Walker. For Duckie "This project was a dream. The Pirelli Calendar has always been my aspiration as a model. I thought I could do it in five or six years. Instead it has happened now. "

backstage Pirelli calendar 2018

"In my role as a photographer, I must narrate Alice in a different way," said Tim Walker. His decision to portray a Black Alice with an "all black" cast was proudly and enthusiastically received by protagonists, as said by women's rights activist Jaha Dukureh "I'm not a model or a celebrity. I am engaged in causes that people are not talking about commonly. When Tim called me, I could not believe it. Being in the Pirelli Calendar for me meant that he knew something about me. He had seen a strong woman and this made me happy. "

Thando Hopa said the team "worked in synergy to bring a message of diversity," stressing how every protagonist felt the importance of being part of this calendar.

All 28 photos of the 45th Pirelli Calendar Edition were taken to London.

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