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Andreas Ortner exclusive interview

Exclusive interview from our 2017 December print issue with


Working in the fashion industry for over 20 years, Austrian photographer Andreas Ortner has brought the world to us through his camera lenses. Who thought an analogue Pentax camera could change a man’s and an industries future? Andreas has brought dreams of designers’ to life through his brilliant techniques. Initiating his photography career, Andreas has worked with countless celebrities and models, yet preserved his humbleness. Just like the emotions you feel when you look at an artwork, Andreas Ortner’s photography recreates these feelings through his pictures. From Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar, to Elle, the skilled photographer has tapped his magic to many renowned magazines and designers. Andreas also worked with Rebecca Longendyke, our August Cover, for Vogue Italy.

Inspired by travelling and cultures, discover Andreas capture fashion in the most outstanding way…

Andreas Ortner for Vogue Italy

LATEST: How did you decide to be a photographer? ANDREAS: Photography and film was always a medium that I showed interest in. About 12 years ago I found an old analog Pentax Camera in flea market in Brooklyn and started to shoot newcomer models in New York. I Guess the agencies liked what I was doing and I got more and more paid for bookings.

Andreas Ortner for Vogue Italy

LATEST: We heard that you like analogue photography, in what ways is it different than digital photography? ANDREAS: The whole process of analog photography is much slower. You take more time and think before taking a picture. It’s the process of creating an image in your head before you even take a picture, and spend the 12 pics on the film wisely and be well prepared. The precise work on analog cameras is what I like the most. Less is more. Quality before quantity is the key.

Andreas Ortner for HARPER'S BAZAAR

LATEST: How would you describe fashion photography? ANDREAS: As a fashion photographer, I try to create an image based on the inspiration of the designers while designing a collection. All designers have an idea and an inspiration whilst designing a collection. I take inspiration from this inspiration and make it my own. Often, I get mails form designers thanking me for shooting a picture that is perfect for the dress they designed. These days you have all the freedom as a fashion photographer working for big magazines such as Vogue or Harpers. There are almost no rules which allows me to think outside the box.


LATEST: Who are the inspirations of your work? ANDREAS: I find my inspirations from my travels around the world. From architecture to movies… Also different cultures and tribes give me inspiration.

Andreas Ortner for Dolcevita

LATEST: Where is your favourite spot to shoot? ANDREAS: There are so many places around the world I like to shoot, but the most spectacular shootings I’ve done was in Iceland so far.

Andreas Ortner for Dolcevita

LATEST: If the camera wasn’t invented, what do you think you’d be doing now? ANDREAS: To be honest, I have no idea… I do have a lot of interests, but photography is my true passion.

Andreas Ortner for Dolcevita

LATEST: If you could shoot anyone or anything, who or what would that be? ANDREAS: All presidents and leaders around the world naked.

words by Alya Barutoglu

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