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5 beauty trends fw 2017-18 to follow

We all love to watch fashion shows and dream about those clothes, amazing and crazy makeup but what can we actually bring into everyday life?

So here's some advices from catwalks which can be for you too!!


Wet hair, stuck to the head with gel that we see from years on catwalks? Is it a goodbye?

We hope to. Cool for fashion shows or editorials but who can go around like "I'm not going to a shampoo for a week?" No one, and even if they did not look dirty I don't think it was a good idea in winter for your future cervical pain. Finally it seems that well done, clean and natural hair are come back!

So yes, you're going out with freshly washed hair and you're now really fashionable.

Gigi Hadid Fendi show FW 2017/18


Makeup artist are very in minimalistic time this season. Close to the more eccentric styles there were really a lot of fashion shows in a natural look, anytime perfect.

Grace Elizabeth Max Mara FW 2017/18



How much a look can turn romantic with a simple black ribbon?

Hairstylists used so much on catwalks and we love it!



Just got used to the idea of contouring. You hated it but in the end you found a way to not look like a mask and you learned how to use all the 169 provided brushes. Ok now forget everything. It is time to return to the natural, with a touch of glow aided by the liquid foundation that does not mask the natural lines of the face. Amazing for any age.

Fall Winter 2017-18 Christopher Kane courtesy of



We have seen many high contrasts of colors in this fw shows, full and bright ready to focus all the attention on the eyes. Of course this is not make up for all days, but we all could try it in a special night out, maybe taking a look to most suitable versions of Byblos and Oscar de la Renta.

Fall Winter 2017-18 courtesy of Byblos

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