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Fashion designers that will rule 2018

Tommy Hilfiger, Balmain and Chanel were a few to name of the best designers in

2017. But with 2018 round the corner, don’t we all want to know which ones to look

out for? The ones who will put their stamp on the year that is yet to come. Time to

kick off those jogging bottoms that will soon be a ‘so last year trend’ and make time

for the designers that will soon be inspiring our wardrobes and the fashionistas of

the high street.

ROBERTA EINER | @roberteiner

Roberta Einer

If you get the opportunity to intern with some of the biggest names in fashion, then

you are bound to have a huge success in your career. Estonian-born Roberta Einer,

has interned for designers such as Alexander McQueen, Balmain and Mary

Katrantzou. Roberta launched her namesake label just over a year ago, with a kick

of streetwear vibes; think of embellished pop mixed with traditionality. Expect to

see a lot of couture inspired pieces, with handcrafted work that will be to-die- for.

Her inspiring work experience is bound to have an effect on her work she

produces, and what a treat you guys will be in store with. Watch this space as

Roberta Einer will be splashed across the fashion catwalk.

Roberta Einer


BY. BONNIE YOUNG | @by.bonnieyoung

Bonnie Young

When a designer sticks in your mind after multiple amounts of fashion shows, then

you know they are one to make it big. At NYFW, there was one designer that stood

out for me and one that will stand out for you in 2018. Bonnie Young was a fresh

addition to NYFW, with her launching her womenswear collection in Fall 2016. After

previously working for Ralph Lauren, it got her up the ladder to then being able to

work for Donna Karan for 16 years for head of global inspiration and senior creative

director. Think of her collection as grunge meets Free-People vibes. Telling Vogue,

Bonnie stated “I was really inspired by nature, the South, Savannah, and the

Victorian era". She was recognized by fashion insiders for interpreting global

inspirations that inform distinctive ready-to- wear. She has a modern flare

throughout her collection, with some powerful versatile pieces (and we all love a bit

of versatility).

Bonnie Young

MARTA JAKUBOWSKI | @martajackubowski

Marta Jakubowski

With the experience of Alexander Wang and Jonathan Saunders under your belt, it

is no surprise that Marta Jakubowski has nailed everything to know about art and

fashion. Her modern tailoring and soft silhouettes is screaming with us to get our

hands on her collection. After years of experimenting and playing around with

material and style, she has found her niche in the industry. Last season was one to

remember with a clash of bold colours, so I am on the edge of my seat wondering

what she will put out of her sleeves in 2018.

Marta Jakubowski


REJINA PYO | @rejinapyo

courtesy of REJINA PYO

Shoes are a girl's best friend, whether we like to admit it or not. I don’t know about

you, but I own multiple versions of the same shoe and my excuse is ‘It has a

different style buckle though’, when realistically I know they are the same shoe.

After coming across Rejina Pyo and her shoe collection, it made me want to switch

my shoe game up a bit. Rejin’s ‘IT’ shoe is one to recognise in the fashion world, all

down to her clever eye of detail. Of course, she isn’t just about making the feet look

stylish. The talented London based designer has made the fluted sleeve go

mainstream. Her creative mind makes frills, buckles and empire waists ones to be

drooled over. Keep your eyes peeled with this one.

courtesy of REJINA PYO


ANGEL CHEN | @angelchenstudio

courtesy of Angel Chen

No one can have as much attitude in their collection as Angel Chen does. The

“Chinese Punk” described designer has been all over fashion capitals, with

graduating from Central Saint Martins. Chen’s creations are romantic and avant-

garde, which is great for a collection to wear the whole year round. Angel has

received orders from numerous well-known stockists worldwide including Lane

Crawford, IT and alternate high street brand Urban Outfitters. You think that is all

shes done? She has collaborated with Swarovski, Airbnb, Kiehl’s AND (yes there is

more) Sony. She continues to surprise us with her talent of mixing materials and

bright colours to create a free-spirited and quirky label. If Angel’s aesthetic is

emblematic of her success, Chen is sure to go far.

courtesy of Angel Chen

Written by Jordan Ellen Wood | @jordy_ellen

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