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Fantastic Plastic!


Designers are giving more and more importance to transparency. Becoming more transparent in their production processes is only the tip of the iceberg! Now fashion houses are using plastic and acrylic materials to create wonderful see-through accessories.

Balmain-Getty Images

In 2018, one of the trends that stand out are transparent accessories. From shoes to bags or even to jewellery… Everything is see through! Last season it was all about vinyl. The shiny fabric is now being replaced by clear plastic accessories.

Helmut Lang-Getty Images

If you watched the Spring/Summer 2018 Chanel show it was obvious that plastic was going to be a major trend. The models were wearing clear hats, bags and even boots! While also brands like Balmain and Helmut Lang also hopped on this trend. It seems like everything will be out in the open in 2018!

Helmut Lang-Getty Images


Chanel-Getty Images

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