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Key Trends of Spring Summer 2018


Last season boiler suits made a come back from the 30s. The utility clothing was one of the biggest trends of the season. For Spring Summer 2018, the boiler suits have transformed into the ultimate jumpsuits with 70s being its major influence. One piece outfits are a life saver as well as being a difficult attire to wear when you really need to go to the restroom! Yet, they are one of the most stylish outfits in fashion ever!


We already knew seventies and eighties were the two decades fashion is throwing back to for this season. And athleisure being the latest obsession of fashion, sportswear is right back in trend for our Spring wardrobe. Looking like you’re about to go to the gym is going to be a mainstream for 2018. This season we’re all about sportswear!

Cargo Pants

Last season camouflage pants were seen everywhere from celebrities to fashion influencers. Now we’re taking it a bit further! Cargo pants and shorts are the it-pant of the season. Saying goodbye to your skinny jeans hasn’t been any easier because cargo pants are not the regular ones you know. They had a elegant and trendy upgrade and we’re loving it!


This isn’t a shock for the fashion world because Pantone has already announced that purple was the colour of 2018. Last year it was all about wearing red head-to-toe and now we’re wearing purples all over! Take Rihanna as your inspiration because she is the Queen of purple. As royal as purple gets you will see this colour everywhere you go.


Toss away your ruffle pieces because 2018 is about fringes. From fringe jackets to fringe dresses every garment has some kind of movement. Many designers have adapted fringes into their evening wear as well as their daywear outfits. Be prepared to be swept off of your feet with fringes.

Wild West

We’re not yet saying goodbye to boots for Spring. Gradually increasing its popularity among fashion influencers, cowboy boots are settling in for 2018 as an it-item. If you haven’t got a pair yet we’de recommend you to purchase one before it all runs out. Howdy partners! We’re going to the wild wild west together for 2018!


If you’re a bit shy to reveal all of your skin, sheer clothing will help you. And the good news is, sheer is a major trend of Spring 2018. It keeps a bit of mystery while adding a bit of sexiness to your outfit. Sheer jackets, blouses or partially sheer skirts… Runways were flashing some skin and keeping rest to our imaginations…


We think fashion was a little tired of ruffles and it came up with ruching. The pushed around fabric is very easy to wear and it gives some movement to your clothing. Designers from Dolce & Gabbana to Tory Burch were all obsessed with ruching as they embraced this new trend of 2018.

White Suits

Yes! You guessed it right! Fashion hasn’t given up on suits yet. It just upgraded the whole look with a splash of white. White suits are perfect to symbolise the “New Year, New Me” concept. Many designers like Joseph or Tom Fors used white suits to give you the Saturday Night Fecer!

Polka Dots

Sadly we have to toss our gingham patterns. Last Summer, gingham was not one of the but truly the biggest patterns trends of the season. Yet, it only lasted for a few months. Polka dots have made a bold and clear comeback and they are here to stay. This classic black and white style is best combined with bold accessories to get a stunning outfit.

words by Alya Barutoglu

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