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Inside Alexa Chung's Third Collection: Fantastic

credit | Guy Lowndes

Alexa Chung has always been seen as a fashion icon. Her street style is inspiring for everyone, from her flared jeans to her floral bohemian dresses. Chung has recently unveiled the anticipated third collection from her eponymous brand. Her new collection is exactly what she titled it. "Fantastic". The name of the collection came from one of the designer’s favourite slogan tees. The definition of collaborative britpop culture and the 1990s music scene, she wanted to create a collection that was seen to be timeless and classic. Alexa said of the follow-up collection to her launch line and second prom-themed capsule “This collection embodies Brit Pop and translates that creative spirit into silhouettes for the current generation. For want of a better word, it's Fantastic.

courtesy of Vogue

Keep your eyes peeled on her website, as it will be launching throughout January. From reasonable prices starting at £75 all the way to show stunner items at £1,000, you best get your pennies saved for the inspirational collection.

courtesy of Vogue

One thing I love about Alexa Chung’s label, is it is her very own style. Being an icon in the fashion industry, that people look up to, it is only right you create a collection that can be worn and admired by everyone. The bohemian meets disco night style has dabbled throughout each outfit, that can be known as great capsule pieces.

Check out the full “Fantastic” collection below.

Written by Jordan Ellen Wood | @jordy_ellen

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