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Spring Summer 2018 Menswear Trends

Short Suits

Suits are always there in a menswear fashion show. Men never say goodbye to suits! But this season they are mixing things up a bit! Short Suits are a thing now! Wearing suits in the middle of a hot summer day maybe quite overwhelming. So thankfully in Spring/Summer 2018 you’ll be converting to shorts for a change!

Socks and Sandals

This duo might not seem that cool for you… But for Spring Summer 2018, socks and sandals are a major trend. If you don’t want cold feet but still want to wear your favourite sandals, this trend maybe your favourite. Try some statement socks to make a pop in your outfit.

Shades of Suits

Suits are much more fun this season. Forget the same ol’ grey and black suits because this season, menswear is more colourful than you can imagine. From shades of yellows to lavender, suits are in the colours of the rainbow. We’re sure you’ll find the one that your heart desires!

Hawaiian Shirts

Never been to Hawaii? Well don’t be sad because Spring Summer 2018 trends will take you on a tropical vacation. Hawaiian shirts are right back into fashion. This cheesy trend will be all you can wear!

Vertical Stripes

All kinds of stripes are fashion but for Spring 2018, vertical stripes are the biggest trend. From suits, to shirts this trend will lengthen you while giving you the coolest style of Spring 2018.

90’s Streetwear

Seventies and eighties for womenswear and nineties for menswear. Nineties hip-hop fashion is one of the biggest trends of 2018. As streetwear is becoming a big deal in fashion, we can’t forget where it all started; the nineties!


Pockets are a mainstream… For 2018, bumbags will help you carry your wallet and phone while also looking incredibly fashion. Try the leather or the sportswear options and you’ll look sleek on the spot!

Torn Fashion

In 2018 you won’t be worried about your torn clothing. Leave it ripped and rugged! Because this season it’s all about that worn out look. For Spring, even the most luxurious designers are hopping on this torn fashion trend!

Check That

It’s not just Burberry, checks are everywhere for Spring. Checkmate! We’ve got a winner for this season. 2018 will be a major year to show off your checked blouses and suits.

Loose Ends

Just like the torn fashion, loose ends are also a big deal. Designers are focusing on free-flowing fabrics. Ropes, straps and bows are hanging loosely on the garments. Want to make statement in 2018? This out-of-the-box, unfinished pieces will be your go-to item.

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