Exclusive Interview with Sadie Clayton

Launching her own brand in 2015, Sadie Clayton has showcased her collections at London, Berlin and Shanghai. Striking especially with her sculptural silhouettes, Clayton has been worn by celebrities like Ellie Goulding and Gigi Hadid. Constantly collaborating with artists and designers, you can always see Clayton working on something new and creative. Learn more about Sadie Clayton’s inspirations and creative process in our exclusive interview below…

LATEST: How did you launch your brand?

SADIE CLAYTON: I launched my brand officially in 2015 with my first commercial collection in February 2016. It was a struggle with lots of amazing friends helping me for free, but 2 years on I feel blessed by what I have achieved.

LATEST: Your copper accessories are very striking, what was the inspiration behind them?

SADIE CLAYTON: First and foremost, I am a creative, so whether it is clothes or sculptures or other tangible objects I am inspired by bringing a vision to life. The essence of my copper work is the creation of a beautiful piece of armour to protect and shield, and how I work the copper comes to reflect the texture of life.

LATEST: How do you decide for a collaboration? What makes you certain that it is the right one?

SADIE CLAYTON: My collaborations either come proactively – I search them out, for example with Nixon watches, my longest and on-going collaboration, or Cutler & Gross, or opportunities come my way. You can never be sure that everything will be successful, but as long as the collaboration sits well with my brand, and who I am as a professional, then I don’t think I can go too far wrong.

Sadie Clayton for Nixon