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It's a 'Fun Affair'

“Rebellious, yet at the same time romantic,” is best to describe Fun Affair. With a twist on modern femininity Fun Affair was launched by the designer Xi Zhu. Taking inspiration from European and Oriental cultures, Fun Affair combines couture with reinterpreted silhouettes. Inspired by French movies and images of the fifties and sixties women, the name Fun Affair comes from Zhu’s curiosity of the subtle affair between men and women. The brand is truly a Fun Affair! Explore this mystique brand with our exclusive interview with Xi Zhu.

LATEST: How did you start up your brand?

XI ZHU: After I graduated from my Master’s Degree, I decided that I wanted to stay in London. At the time, I had a classmate that wanted to work with me. So we decided to start a collaborative brand, even though it has now closed, it still has a great influence on me, making me thinking about who I am and what kind of brand I want to create.

LATEST: What is the first thing you do before you start a new collection?

XI ZHU: Definitely traveling! I started travelling very early to experience arts. I love either visiting museums or heritage sites. I love natural history museums and folklore museums. In these kind of museums, I respond more naturally to my own curiosity.

LATEST: What inspires you the most in your designs?

XI ZHU: Oh many! I get a lot of inspiration from movies, novels and traveling. I also like to see the contemporary art form. The concept and philosophy that are behind these art works amazes me.

LATEST: If anyone could wear your designs, who would that be?

XI ZHU: Young Maiden, with a great sense of Femininity. Like Elizabeth in ‘Pride and Prejudice’; independent and lovely while having strong will at the same time.

LATEST: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

XI ZHU: Because I am Chinese and I also have European influences, you can see the impact of the two cultures in my designs. Our collections combine the oriental elements with sculptural silhouettes, reinterpreted for a contemporary audience. Each garment is made with high quality, intricate detailing and uniquely designed fabrics to present a timeless expression of modern femininity.

LATEST: Which designers do you look up to?

XI ZHU: If you ask about fashion designers, I would say Dries Van Noten, I love his aesthetic and attitude to life. I am also a fan of some product designers, like Martino Gamper; his artworks are so surrealistic.

LATEST: What is next for your brand?

XI ZHU: I am doing the AW18 collection right now, and my new season’s theme is ‘mädchen’, it is a French word. And we will join LFW BFC showroom.

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