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The crayola colour tights that are making a comeback

Bright colours are no longer left in the Crayola box, they are now being used to transform all of our wardrobes from the dull and dark. Here is me thinking coloured tights were what you saw in all the catalogues you got posted through the door and thought.. Ew. But isn’t that with most trends at the moment?

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner strutted her model legs down the street, taking inspiration from the catwalk collections. She showed us we can wear the understated accessory to both casual and formal events. The Jenner model was seen going Clueless on us with a plaid mini dress and fur jacket for an evening event, in which she changed the look the next day to an oversized jumper and brown tights. If the awarded Fashion Icon of the Decade can’t inspire you to wear this upcoming style, then who else can…

Kendall Jenner

At New York Fashion Week, it proved to us that we are no longer going to invest in the basic black tights.. The aubergine purple and sky blue will tell you otherwise. It all started at Tom Ford, where the 80’s inspired collection got us wanting more.

Jeremy Scott - Gigi Hadid AW18

But it was Jeremy Scott that upped up the fashion game in his AW18 collection, that poured our 80’s with a sci-fi twist. The models from the likes of Gigi Hadid and Stella Maxwell were sporting neon bobs and matching tights that went from purple and orange, all the way to pastel pinks and greens.

Tom Ford

This isn’t the first time the statement accessory has made a comeback. In the later 2000’s we saw tights that were either printed in cartoons or absorbing the bold colours of fuchsia and cobalt. Looks like I will be raiding my mums wardrobe for a couple of pairs…

With fashion week yet to reach London, Milan and Paris, we know we will be seeing this colourful trend round a lot more.

Written by Jordan Ellen Wood

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