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When supermodel meets Danielle Cathari

What do you get when you mix an upcoming designer, one of the best sports brands and a fashion supermodel? A collection that is won’t be forgotten.

Daniëlle Cathari is one to watch out for after collaborating with Kendall Jenner and Adidas on her new collection. Cathari used a element that allowed her re constructed Adidas tracksuits to be ones we all dream to have in our wardrobes. The athleisure style caught fashion icon Kendall Jenner’s eyes, as talking to Vogue she states “When we were first introduced by Adidas Originals, we totally hit it off. Our creative styles really mirror each other. The different contrasts, colors, and vintage take totally reflect my personal style. . . . I was so inspired by her work and how she adapted such iconic pieces, making them feel totally new but still familiar.”

Towards the beginning of February, chemistry between the two creative minds went off to a winning start and they knew they had a good deal when coming face to face. “Kendall is someone who isn’t afraid to express her individuality, and I really respect that. I see so much of my style in the way she mixes it up, and I love her sense of contrast,” says the upcoming designer. “We have similar creative visions and how we approach personal style. It never felt like work but more like just hanging out with a friend and talking about all the stuff we love, which in this case is fashion!”

However, as much as the 90’s inspired collection will be one to be talked about, it was more about the diversity of the models that caught people's attention. Out of the 20 so models used in the campaign, more than half represented non-Caucasian ethnicities, while a curvy model with bleach-blonde hair and bold brows rocked a dual-tone blue suit in fierce fashion. Fashion can be criticized alot for the choice of models, especially when it comes cultural and religious views. Despite the hijab being a religious staple in some cultures, it hasn’t been something to see featured in fashion editorials or catwalks. The hijab made an appearance in the new Adidas campaign, which marks significant momentum and why shouldn’t they embrace every person.

Make sure to check out the collection!! I will have one of everything please.

Written by Jordan Ellen Wood

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