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1968 Feminism Today

Women Empowerment is not one of the, but literally the most popular and important movements of our time! From #MeToo to Time’s Up, women around the world are joining together to fight for equality. Not only in Hollywood, fashion is also joining this outstanding movement. One of the best example is Dior’s one and only Maria Grazia Chiuri!

It has been 4 seasons since the debut of the “We Should All Be Feminists,” t-shrts of Maria Grazia Chiuri. Since then, the designer has interpreted feminism in all of her shows. For Fall 2018, Chiuri has taken us to 1968, where change and improvements were at its peak.

It all started when Chiuri went to an exhibition at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome which was centred around 1968. Later the designer was going through archives of Dior and found a photograph of a girl holding a sign “Support Miniskirts,” which inspired Marc Bohan to shorten the hemlines in his next collection. With this photograph in mind, Chiuri thought how interesting that fashion was listening to women was. She thought there was something similar with our current times and 1968. Things are changing and people are longing for change.

Opening Paris Fashion Week, Chiuri certainly made a huge impact with the Dior show. With vintage magazines and photographs in the setting, the collection was filled with vintage inspired slogans and styles. Taking us back to the upheaval of feminism in 1968, “Women Rights are Human Rights,” signs were one of the highlights of the show. Fashion is truly listening to women, and we hope other designers follow the lead of Maria Grazia Chiuri to make an impact in social changes!

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