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Supreme x Rimowa

After a massive hype over a Supreme collaboration with Louis Vuitton, it was only a matter of time for another luxury brand from LVMH group to tackle the aspiring street wear label.

courtesy of Supreme x Rimowa

Supreme officially dropped the news regarding a partnership with Rimowa via their Instagram account, posting a short video filmed by Manuel Schenk, edgy skateboarding vibe included, classic Tupas Multiwheels getting a youthful makeover.The luxurious luggage pieces in signature red and black, scattered with gigantic Supreme letters are available in two sizes: a carry-on 45L and larger 82L. Needless to say that the suitcases feature aluminium bodies with Multi-wheel rolling wheels, TSA combination locks, and two internal Flex-Divider systems. The price ranges from $1,600 up to $1,800, which surely will be paid off by a fancy airline if lost. On the bright side of things - you will see yours among other peasantry luggage, zero effort included.

The official Supreme release dates are the 12th of April, available in store and online at 11a.m. (NY, Brooklyn, LA, London, Paris). Selected Rimowa stores will see to it two days later. If you happen to be anywhere near, it is time to line up for the baggage claim.

So far Supreme has sprinkled its magic on the brands like Lacoste, Nike, Comme des Garçons SHIRT and Liberty of London just to name a few.

by Masha Mitrofanova

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