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Beychella 2018

Here we are! The first weekend is gone and we are full of emotions, can not wait for the next one!

Read something about the festival HERE

As always, the festival is proving to be one of the best places in the world to show style, so HERE is a selection of the best looks seen until now!

And if you want to know how to dress in perfect Coachella style with less than €100... read this article!


In this first three days we finally saw the Beyoncé performance, so waiting that fans dubbed the 2018 festival as Beychella.

Beyoncé thanked on stage for being the first black woman headliner at Coachella, and we all know how much she deseved it!

Beyonce opening at Coachella festival 2018

Beyonce at Coachella festival 2018

Beyoncé singing the “Black American National Anthem” at Coachella 2018 (From @Veganyonce twitter)

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