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BVLGARI Installation at Milan Design Week 2018

The Salone Del Mobile (simply design week for the mortals) flourishes Milan every spring with as much thrill as any fashion week. Although the main exhibit of furnishings, light and product design takes place in Milan Fairgrounds with its immense amount of enormous pavilions, many events thrive all over the city. Fashion brands never fall behind and rocket into collaborations, design initiatives and never-ending spree of free-entry events.

courtesy of Masha Mitrofanova

For the first time BVLGARI joins the Milan Design Week with its opulent presence, which have covered the fashion capital in three different locations: The Bvlgari Hotel, with The Mirror Cube occupying the Hotel’s garden (eel jiaardinoo); the Gallery at the flagship Montenapoleone boutique; and the Bvlgari Installation at Brera district - the yummiest for all the Instagram dependent.

The latest balances fashion, the brand’s iconic symbols and creative materials in the three dimensional space. Upon arrival neon quote “All the rules can be reinvented” welcomes an itch to pull any photography device out. This statement is not alone, many are to follow, like a drug for the youngsters addicted to the millennial aesthetic. The labyrinth which leads into the installation is covered in print black and white serpent classic - echoing the Bvlgari accessories, bags and jewels.

Throughout the labyrinth neon quotes (“Capture The Unexpected” or “Experience The Perfection” to give you a general idea) continue to fascinate teenagers and many alike, although the story behind the making of the legendary Bvlgari rings is much more hypnotising. Displayed neatly here and there behind glassed tables, step by step, one can trail the many phases of craftsmanship behind each piece.

The surreal environment leads to Ivan Navarro and Courtney Smith’s art work centred around light. After the Alice In Wonderland disorienting experience, this comes across in the manner of Stanley Kubrick’s space-like visual tricks. This suppose to provoke “innovative questions”, or an urge to Instagram story the whole thing. You choose.

courtesy of Masha Mitrofanova

Bar upstairs serves soft drinks, snacks and a better view. One floor below - a heart attack for the unconventional selfie-junkie, in the face of a kaleidoscopic room, mirrors embedded from top to bottom. This is a MVRDV’s (a Dutch architecture firm) transforming Bvlgari’s iconic serpent bracelet into a spatial experience.

Hashtagging the whole affair is not necessary, but if you must: #Bulgarirules and #RVLES.

The REINVENTING (DESIGN) RVLES installation is open from 11.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m. In the dates of 17-22 April

Charge your phone.

By Maria (Masha) Mitrofanova.

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