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Spring Calls For Peek-a-boo Lingerie Trend and Femme Power

Milan Design week finished off with the bang - that is to say, spring has finally displayed some serious sunshine and a Milan-based collective for women Femme Formation has hosted their very first event. Besides the feminist wave that everyone seems to be riding and a notion of pink quartz providing with self-love (goodie bags were distributed at the entrance), the event prompted solemn ideas: sex empowerment and lingerie outerwear. First was addressed by the guest speaker, Frida Affer, a frontier in sexual education, founder of the erotic concept store WOVO and whom famously has been featured in Forbes. Second was seen out and about in the crowd: silk kimonos and sheer fabrics displaying braletts; some went as far as showing off harnesses timidly peeking from bohemian-like shirts.

This could be easily explained by the events themed panel - Vol.1 Sex. Or maybe Coachella has clawed its way across the ocean a week later. Think of all corsets, sport tops and leotards overpowering the Instagram feed with the backdrop of the music festival. These are not as easily pulled off in the city, where only a piece of midriff is socially acceptable. However, if your belly button needs the fresh air, opt for quieter colours and high waisted jeans.

Mass display of underwear as outerwear does not have to be accredited to warm weather or Femme Formation’s choice for the collective. Street style devotees are big fans of bustier bras (or anything picturesque, really).

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Of course showing off the lingerie can be empowering, but the true femme freedom is in the confidence and appropriation. Fenty Puma by Rihanna seems to get it just right, for now.

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By Maria (Masha) Mitrofanova.

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