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We’re cool for Summer

It’s been a very long winter and it still seems to be hanging in there. But enough with the freeze, we had

our fun it’s time to move on. We are so ready for summer!

If you’ve planned your big summer vacation months ago and booked the best hotels and restaurants, it’s

perfect. However, this is your guide for a long weekend that you can randomly escape to, not a long

battle to deal with the chaos and crowds of thousands looking for a shared sunbed in a packed beach.

Imagine you’re tired of the week, the city is exhausting you. You want to plan a spontaneous trip with

your friends and leave tomorrow. Sounds impossible to plan, right? Totally not. Tag along with me and I’ll

tell you how you can manage that.

1- Find a company that will make you laugh so hard. And the best crowd for that? Of course, your best

buddies. It’s never too late to get together a group like this. After all, what are those large WhatsApp

groups for? (except for gossiping behind people’s backs?)

2- Pick a spot. Somewhere easily reachable by train or car. Somewhere within a few hours of distance,

which has a beach and some nice bars. You won’t need much of a buzz, you already have your crew.

Remember, this is a trip to strip you off your troubles, not one to bring you more.

3- Book an apartment, not a hotel. The less you spend on the accommodation, the more cash left for

dining and wining. If you can find one with a terrace overlooking a view, go for it.

4- Search for a few good restaurants beforehand and book a table if you’re more than 3. It’s not worth the

wait, every hour counts!

5- Bring a speaker! Once you’re all dancing and singing to your favorite songs you’ll realize it’s totally

worth all the way carrying it.

6- Wanna have one good old-school memory of your amazing trip? Bring a polaroid camera and save it

for the highlight of your trip. You’ll know it when you have it.

7- Don’t forget to stock up the apartment with wine, chips and of course: cards and board games. Long

nights of fierce gaming competition accompanied by gossip, here we come!

8- Create a common cash pool, chip in a few dollars each. That way you’ll avoid the long-time waiting

and chaos while paying at the dinners.

9- Definitely always try to stay together as a group, not to avoid losing each other but because you never

know when something extremely funny happens. You’ve got to have all the crew on board once these

hilarious moments are recalled and you all shred a few tears of intense laughter.

10- Laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t mind what people around you think. They’ll only admire your

youth and joy of life. Tomorrow you’ll wake up from this dream holiday and the city life will be waiting for

you with all its’ chaos and traffic jam. So, enjoy every minute to the fullest.

by Meric Ozgurman

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