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The influence of Patricia Fields and SATC on fashion

courtesy of Instagram @kimcattrall

Who could have expected that on a Saturday night, on 6th June 1998, a TV show would premiere that will go on to completely flip the way we perceive dressing and personal style. The Sex and the city franchise shattered many pre-existing taboos and stereotypes regarding sex, relationships and lifestyle by portraying the lives of 4 independent, sexually empowered women tackling various everyday situations that New York throws at them. Person responsible for livening up the New York streets by infusing the set pieces with many iconic fashion moments was none other than the exceptional Patricia Field.

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Patricia Field is a multihyphenate , a boutique owner and an Emmy award winning costume designer, with an academy award nomination under her belt. Her unique blend of downtown grit and uptown glamour was instrumental in the show's impact on the way society viewed fashion as a whole. This impact was not only limited to the members of the fashion's elite but it also influenced the masses who were previously not exposed to such garments and ideas. In Pat's words the show helped women learn to have fun with clothes and themselves, and it served as a kind of an emancipation at the time when women were coming into their own. However if one was to examine the crossover success of her work on the show, it can't only be attributed to the eclectic outfits. Her dedication to fleshing out all of the four completely different main characters, done in collaboration with the four leading acts, allowed her to fully grasp the character's psyche: what they want to achieve, where do they want to go, and who they want to end up with. In a way her work manifested more on a psychological level than at the physical one, using clothes as a medium to project the inner workings of characters' minds. The outfits themselves may at first appear as a mish-mash of disparate pieces and styles , but upon closer inspection, it is evident that they are meticulously selected and curated. Mixing of vintage, high and fast fashion pieces is exactly where Pat's strength lies, and you can see it in the show in its full glory. By placing the looks in various social contexts, the directors take full advantage of Pat's expertise, breathing in a sense of ease and relatability into the garments.

Since the tension between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall is reaching a new all time high, and an impending Gubernatorial run of Cynthia Nixon is right around the corner, the chances of seeing a new installment in the Sex and the city franchise are getting slimmer and slimmer by the minute, and with it the chance of seeing more of Patricia Field's take on the character's attire. We will therefore propose a fantasy 2018 wardrobe for the ladies, coming straight of the resort 2019 runways, rife with various aughties tropes, so we can relish in what would or could have been if we cold all just get along.

Carrie Bradshaw:

The forerunner of all the fashion influencers of the insta-age. Always fashion-forward and trendy without giving off an air of trying too hard, effortlessly mixing and matching seemingly contrasting pieces. Look to this season's Ghesquiere's Louis Vuitton for reference for what Carrie's wardrobe could have been in 2018.

Samantha Jones:

As a power PR executive with an insatiable sex drive, Samantha doesn't only seek dominance in her bedroom but in the workplace as well. Sharp and sexy tailored separates, shoulder pads and eye-popping color blocking are just some of the staples of her wardrobe.

Charlotte York:

The epitome of an uptown WASP, prim, proper with a privileged upbringing. Always put-together and ladylike, her feminine style accurately echoes her seemingly traditional and conservative views on life. But don't let her old fashioned demeanor fool you as Charlotte has proved several times that she doesn't mind going out of her comfort zone.

Miranda Hobbes:

Patricia's take on Miranda's wardrobe brought a much needed layer of practicality and realism to the show, constructing ensembles fit for parent teacher conferences, courthouse or slobbing on a couch eating Chinese takeout . Unique mix of tailoring, sportswear and androgyny, although deemed unfashionable at the times, has recently found appreciation on the global runways ( think Demnaciaga).

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