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Glossier expands in Europe

courtesy of @Glossier official instagram

Millenial’s hip beauty brand can finally grace the feeds of those across the ocean. American, Instagram-perfect company founded by Emily Weiss, is launching e-stores in Sweden and Denmark as well as French e-shop following October.

Weiss’ cult cosmetics has taken beauty devotees by storm, when her eponymous platform Into The Gloss announced its expansion into actual products in 2014. Glossier is built on consumer relationship, where the brand is almost like an attractive boy band. Whether young women are bonding over a Cloud Paint in millennial pink (smooth tint packaged in a paint-like tube) or Boy Brow (best selling eye brow pomade), buyers always feel like they are a part of a magical unicorn journey.

The equation of success may seem repetitive with many niche brands, taking over younger consumers from established beauty houses. A distinctive voice, where everyone can be a part of conversation (think Body Hero campaign); easily recognised visuals - see Glossier’s Instagram tag feature and you will be surprised by the similarities in white sheet flat lays and perfectly it bathroom shelves; quick Pop Up Stores with a rock star craze; and last but not least a C.E.O. who appears approachable with a genuine attitude of a next doorgirl. Top it off with great team work and $ 52 million in fresh capital from investors, and you get a flourishing start up business expanding Internationally one country at a time. At the moment Glossier operates two physical stores in New York and Los Angeles, ships internationally to Canada, the UK and as in one month ago to Ireland as well.

by Masha Mitrofanova

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