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Adidas x Wanderlust

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Just in time for the summer-yoga-retreats and handstands on the sand with the perfectly lit backdrop of ‘aden’ sunsets, Adidas has launched a sustainable line in collaboration with a yoga brand Wanderlust. The entire range of pieces is imparted with recycled materials. It includes a wide selection of 42 designs containing bomber jackets, leggings, tops, shorts and even gym bags. The colours vary in shades of blue, black and pastel grey.

Inspired by the sea, Adidas has incorporated one of the most environmentally daunting issues up to date - the plastic pollution. As a result not only each piece is done with the environmental care, but the print as well as the colour palette echo the powerful nature’s element.

Adidas has been a strong force in drawing issues like sustainability in fashion. Last year, in collaboration with UltraBoost, the label has launched a range of trainers made out of ocean’s plastic waste.

Wanderlust is a lifestyle company which besides the apparel, has ventured into health dedicated events, online classes and yoga studios. The online shop has a vast scope of products for crystalloving, zen-seeking devotees; from merch to work out gear for both men and women.

The partnership between the two brands seem to be a perfect fit for the active millennial

generation, that balances busy schedules with wellness and style. The collection is available online in both Adidas and Wanderlust e-commerce shops.

By Masha Mitrofanova

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