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Happy BDay Latest!!! Issue #7

Here we are at our birthday, the first. Still it does

not seem possible to me that this adventure has come

so far in just 12 months. We have many important

changes for the end of 2018 and I recommend you to

stay connected.

The importance of having a powerful means of

communication, capable of moving one day the axis of

people’s interest showed me the path I wish to take

and the destination. We will move in time trying to

show as much as possible the importance of respect

for the environment. I hope to bring Latest to a level

that can really do something meaningful and be able

to say some “no” that are so difficult to manage now.

In the meantime, enjoy the Resort collections and a

wonderful trip with a great team in Tulum, Mexico.

Marta Forgione


Take your copy HERE

Photography Frank Grimm

Art Direction Arne Paszkiet

Style Leonie Gerner c/o Bigoudi

Model Maya Stepper c/o The Lions

Hair Style, Makeup Melanie Schöne

c/o Nina Klein

Retouch Elektronische Schoenheit

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