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Cushnie to officially start off at NYFW

Cushie, launched in solo by Carly Cushnie, will officially show at New York Fashion Week. The brand which used to be Cushnie and Ochs is relaunching after the departure of Michelle Ochs, Carly’s partner and their CEO. This announcement came after their Fall/Winter 2018 show at NYFW. Please note, that this collection won’t be the first one with Cushnie alone as a designer since she delivered a Resort 2019 collection in between. Although this is the symbol of a new beginning for the brand, with Cushnie officially the only one at the helm. In an interview for Garance Doré, Cushnie described her style as «elegant, feminine and modern». The designer is known for her simple lines and colorful pieces, perfect for the wardrobe of a 2018 power woman. We can not wait for this new beginning of the brand.

by Gaétane Auffret

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