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Copenhagen Fashion Week Trends

Whether it was on the runway or off, Copenhagen Fashion Week introduced various new trends to their growing international cohorts. From freelance stylist Emili Sindlev’s outfit featuring foam flip flops to Reza Etemadi’s MUF10 show commenting on Denmark’s recent burke ban, the rising fashion capital has been transformed into a mixed bag of confetti-colours and show stopping moments. Now the country’s fourth-largest export, fashion from this Scandinavian city strongly demonstrates Denmark’s refreshing creativity and growing influence. Here are some of Copenhagen’s most popular runway trends.

Left: Photo by Jason Jean | Right: courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week


Pattern Clashing

Mixing-and-matching seems to be Denmark’s new summer staple. While contrasting patterns initially seem like a fashion faux pas, the designers presenting their Spring/Summer 2019 collections showed how effortless the trend can be. Notable brands contributing to this style remix were Goya, Baum Und Pferdgarten and Saks Potts. Their favourite patterns: floral prints in all colours and sizes.

Baum-Und-Pferdgarten, Stine Goya, Saks Potts


White Nightgowns

The slip dress has long been allowing women to carry effortless evening attire late into the day. However, the shows of By Malene Birger, Morten Ussing and Cecilie Bahnsen were inspired by pajama-like nightgowns. Cecilie Bahnsen, one of the most anticipated designers of the season, combined quilted fabrics with cloud-like sleeves and loose silhouettes, giving a truly dreamy feel to this romantic trend.

Malene Birger, Morten Ussing, Cecilie Bahnsen


Lime Green

The newest colour to add to your wardrobe according to the designers at Copenhagen fashion week might seem like an odd choice, but somehow they have made us lust after the colour lime green. With neon colours in general are trending, this might signify the end to pastels colours for next season. Lime green was seen on the runway of Future of Fashion, Stine Goya, and Saks Potts, all styled in various ways. For a particularly bold look, Saks Potts offers a head-to-toe shiny statement, but Stine Goya showed us how to make the neon trend subtle and delicate.

Future Fashion, Morten Ussing, Saks Potts


The Great Outdoors

Fashion has always had a utilitarian purpose, but brands like Future of Fashion, Holzweiler and Ganni have brought luxury one step closer to practical and sporty camping attire. From cargo pants to bucket hats, these looks seem to take the ‘Dad’ shoe and utility style to the next level. Being one of the most prominent Danish brands, Ganni’s participation in this trend is most likely going to make this a very prominent style in 2019.

Future Fashion, Holzweiler, Ganni


Remodel & Rethink

As seen at Copenhagen Fashion Week, playing with volume and shape has become a quite popular concept. One way to master these silhouettes is to remodel traditional tailoring. By rethinking everyday clothing like trench coats, shirts and even dresses the clothing evolves into something new. As seen on the runways of Future of Fashion, Kia Marie Jarvinen and Mark Kenly Domino Tan, these inventive alterations can take almost any form.

Kia-Maria-Jarvinen, Mark Kenly Domino Tan, Future Fashion

All images of Copenhagen Fashion Week c/o INDIGITAL.TV

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