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Inaya, a Spanish love story

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Launched by French blogger Safia Ayad and her partner Guilhem Guinot, Inaya is a lingerie and swimwear brand. With a collection made in Costa Brava, Ayad tried as much as she could to avoid contributing to the environmental impact of the fashion industry. All swimsuit lines are limited, for a simple reason: they are created with leftover fabrics bought from other designers.

The brand aims to embody a «real» woman, a woman of the 21st century who goes out, goes to the gym and has a presence on social medias. The brand’s campaign promotes body positivity and acceptance.

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Proud of her heritage, Safia chose the arabic name «Inaya» to symbolize care, attention, kind concern. The names of the swimwear products also have a meaning: they are catalan feminine names, to represent where the heart of this brand is, where it all started. For example, the product on show in the picture above is called «Nurià».

Inaya is the perfect combination of trendiness, ecological awareness and tradition.

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