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The October issue is OUT!!!

Password: Esteem.

My maybe preferred concept when it concerns human beings. If I find a person to respect, sure is someone who can stay in my life.

So what I'm looking for Latest are people and topics to take as a model, learn something from them. We focus on sustainable fashion and ethics, all those brands and people who are giving their contribution. Let's find out the secrets, the tips and think on what we could do in turn.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards in Milan is an example of how the planet is trying to turn in favor of itself, and people are slowly understanding the importance of respecting the land on which they walk.

Marta Forgione


Cover Story:

Photographer Katia Wik

Style Anita Krizanovic

Model Milena Zuchowicz c/o Le Management

Hair Style, Makeup Sarah Marx

In this issue: PE19 fashion weeks report Rebecca Minkoff and her new IamMany campaign, for all women A look at the Parisian brands you have to know The ethical brand of Marine Serre The Green carpet fashion awards in Milan and its protagonists Celine's future projects Forsythia brand has given us an exclusive interview: we talk about sustainability The big changes in the style of knitwear 24 Bottles and his ethical collaboration with Katharine Hamnett Columns of Art, Beauty, Accessories and 12 great editorials!!!

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