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FORSYTHIA interview - sustainable fashion

If we wanted to describe our society in just one word, fast would probably a good one. We are indeed used to be able to have everything now and to dispose of it as fast as we obtained it. We expect it to be that way, disregarding the consequences.

Fashion is a prime example that shows how this velocity can become very toxic, both on the environment and under social and ethical aspects. One of these dissident voices is

Catherine Kim and her brand Forsythia. Her mission is to make slow fashion. What does this mean though? In a nutshell, it means that all of her garments are designed and made in New York, in an ethical and controlled way, with high quality and eco friendly fabrics.

To better understand the complex work that goes into this newborn brand, we had a chat with Catherine, founder and designer of Forsythia, who talked us through her job and passion.

Can you tell us about your background and what inspired you to start your own brand?

I was an assistant designer for an evening wear company for five years prior to starting Forsythia. During the time, I loved my work for the aspect of creating. It was exciting

to see my creations go down the runway and see them on celebrities.

However, I found it difficult to feel completely fulfilled. At a certain point, I told myself, “This is temporary. I need to step away to find what is more meaningful to me.” I decided that I needed to see the bigger picture. How can I give back? How can I change myself and the world? What can I do to improve? Creating a conscious clothing line ties all the things that I love together - social, ethical, and environmental values with my love for creating art and new expressions.

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