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Armedangels Interview: fighting for the environment

Have you ever thought about the consequences of the simple actions you make on a daily basis? Normal things like wearing your jeans, finally getting your online shopping delivered or throwing away a plastic bottle? It may be hard to realize how each and every little thing we do may have an impact on us and the environment.

Here is where Armedangels comes into play.

This German brand with an expressive name, brings cool clothes with a conscious soul, to life. The concept behind it is quite straightforward: sustainable fashion can be very fashionable, and reasonably priced too! Everything made by Armedangels comes from a thorough research and is kind to our planet and to us.

The denim collection, for instance, focuses on eliminating harmful chemicals (for our skin and the environment) in the colouring, while also providing a full range of fits and styles for all shapes and tastes. All the fabrics used throughout the range are eco-friendly and innovative coming from wood, recycled plastic and organic cotton only to name a few. Even the packaging is not your average carton box, it is in fact made from grass, a material that uses considerably less water and produces far less CO2 than wood. To go more in depth of the beautiful work this brand is doing, we asked them

directly to tell us.

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