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Sustainable Accessories Gift Guide

Conscious, eco, ethical, social. These keywords have become so widespread

that both luxury and streetwear brands have begun to sources and manufacturing less harmful products, benefiting the environment, consumer and the worker. With climate

change and global warming pending, ‘cool’ fashion takes on new meaning. If you are looking for a gift this winter, make sure you care about doing it consciously.

courtesy of Wald Berlin

With the United Nations’s International Panel on Climate Change warning that only twelve years remain for us to limit the likely climate change catastrophes they have predicted, consumers all over the world need to reflect on how they shop for themselves and others.

courtesy of EDUN

Not only does this gift guide work for the holiday season, but when buying new product, it is important that we consider their quality and longevity. In the famous words of Vivian

Westwood: “Buy less, choose well, make it last.”

courtesy of MATT&NAT

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