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New Year's Eve: Must Have

courtesy of | Esteban Cortazar, Balmain, Tom Ford

The weather forecast reports temperature drops and long cold nights, the trend forecast therefore advise to wrap yourself in warm cozy garments, layering with sartorial looking jackets and coats but never forget to keep the spark alive and light everything up with colours and patterns, it’s a jungle out there.

The must have pieces for this season space from the most classic check blazer and cozy knitwear jumper, to the edgier animalier prints and bright red dresses. Everything is balanced out with accessories and make up, pairing golden statement jewellery with more simple outfits and tiny sleek leather handbags with party gowns as well as matching leopard prints with a cat eye look.

It’s all about the fine art of harmony.


A staple in every party girl wardrobe, especially around New Year's Eve time, is sparkly everything! Having to choose, you can never really go wrong with a dress and of course don’t forget your face, there is no such thing as too much highlighter. Keep it classy with a simple black shoulder bag and you are good to go!

1. Attico dress with paillettes (

2. Racil overcoat (

3. Tsatsas Bag (website)

4. Fenty Beauty Diamond Anniversary collection (

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