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Gucci “Forever Guilty” Campaign: A sleek, 70’s homage

courtesy of Gucci | photo by Glen Luchford

Unveiled on Monday, Gucci’s latest beauty campaign has enlisted Lana Del Rey and a seemingly ageless Jared Leto as its protagonists in a set of all-American scenarios brimming with the vintage unconventionality typical of the quirky duo. Shot by British photographer Glen Luchford (owner of The Rose Hotel in Venice), alongside Alessandro Michele, Creative Director, the campaign set in Los Angeles consists of a series of retro images taken in a beauty salon and a minute-length video that provoke 1970’s Hollywood nostalgia.

courtesy of Gucci | photo by Glen Luchford

In the official words of the brand, “Forever Guilty presents the story of two individuals who live completely free from life’s expectations, their connection natural and at the same time crazy and eccentric”. Gucci has undeniably succeeded in this premise as the end result is an aesthetic feast that sees it’s stars dazzle; find yourself escaping into their make-believe world as they run wild whilst looking sensational - and then longing for it to be made into a feature film.

From her signature bouffant topped with branded hairpin to the end of her impractical stiletto nails, Del Rey is in her element as she oozes her sultry, babydoll glamour to carry out mundane, everyday tasks. Like a modern-day Priscilla Presley, she struts the supermarket aisle (complete with a tiger and an ostrich, but naturally) in a green jumpsuit and perfectly-winged eyeliner. Underneath she wears a sparkling, mesh bodysuit and a long necklace matched with pearl earrings to complete the look. The result is stunning and reminiscent of iconic styles from the past. Jared Leto cuts an equally decadent figure in a fuchsia, velvet blazer embellished with a rose corsage. This isn’t Leto’s first campaign with Gucci, having previously shot a campaign in Venice back in 2016 with a provocative bathtub scene, but this time round it appears as if he were made for these clothes, whimsical and cinematic in his appearance.

courtesy of Gucci

For those already familiar with the fragrance itself, the Gucci Guilty Pour Femme bottle has undergone a sleek makeover, now packed in the original shape of the masculine version.

All of the eccentricity typical of Gucci is paired with the influence of a decade that never goes out of style. Well-played.

Oh, and check out the cameo by Courtney Love in the video.

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