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Rihanna Set to Make History

The Pop princess set to team up with LVMH and take a stand for all women.

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Time and time again, Rihanna has been heralded as a trailblazer in the beauty industry with her range of products suited to all skin tones. Now, she is potentially set to lead her revolution into the fashion industry with the backing of Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton LVMH, the global conglomerate which owns various luxury brands from Louis Vuitton to Givenchy.

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Not only would the move make the line created by Rihanna– expected to be named Fenty after its namesake- the first to be built from scratch by LVMH since Christian Lacroix in 1987, as it has since preferred to buy up established brands, but would also make her the first woman of colour at the conglomerate giant. The alleged deal between her and LVMH is more than career boost for the superstar, or a potential money-spinner for the luxury company, but a victory for those in the fashion industry fighting for the representation of all women.

Championing diversity, and far beyond that of half-hearted tokenism, Rihanna has already challenged the limited vision of female beauty and sexuality presented to us by some of the top influencing brands- an accusation most recently laid at the feet of the Victoria Secret angels. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, the star spoke extensively about her lingerie designs for Savage x Fenty as a reflection of her vision for the future, a vision in which women of all races, sizes and cultures were to be accepted. And with the success of Fenty Beauty, launching over 40 shades of foundation, Rihanna has reached mass appeal with a modern-day female audience that is passing up on the narrow beauty ideals that have been placed on women.

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This is by no means a lone battle. For years the underrepresentation of diversity in fashion has incited uproar both in and outside of the industry. Back in 2013, supermodel Naomi Campbell, who has spoken passionately about racism on the catwalk, launched her own campaign to increase diversity amongst models. Although there has been signs of improvement in recent years, with greater space for femininities of all different shapes and sizes, there is undoubtedly still a long way to go. Hopefully, with the power of the celebrity in full force, this alleged joining of Rihanna and LVMH could be another step on the road to the equality and inclusiveness that is still so desperately needed.

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