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"From Norway with love" Cover story

Two apparently very distant worlds collided when Silja Danielsen,

a Norwegian model, and Phil Torres, an American Biologist, met.

It almost seems like the beginning of a very romantic fairytale

but it is, in fact, real life. This beautiful couple, whose home is in

New York, shares various interests and passions such as travelling

and sustainability, so much so that they decided to tie the knot in

Seattle last September with a conscious ceremony and reception.

We had the pleasure to interview them and discover more details

about their fascinating love story and sustainable lifestyle.


Photography Kate Moore c/o Alyssa Pizer Management

Art Direction, Stylist Emilie Maslow c/o Art Department

Models Silja Danielson & Phil Torres of WME

Hair style, Makeup Heidi Nymark c/o Art Department

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