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Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most influential of them all?

Jeanne Damas, Camille Rowe, Alexandra Spencer, Gala Gonzales

The it-girls who will inspire you (and help you refresh your wardrobe), each in her own way. What they share? An enviable sense of style, a tenacious personality and a roaring success.


courtesy of Camille Rowe

You might know her as a Victoria’s Secret alumna, the Dior Poison Girl or for acting in Spinotti’s Now Is Everything. Cool-girl Camille Rowe’s name falls from every mouth. Her multifaceted career includes an appearance on the cover of Playboy, acting alongside Vincent Cassel in Our Day Will Come and recently becoming prêt-à-porter brand Pablo’s muse. Her bewitching charm rests in her au-naturel look. She doesn’t take herself too seriously - and her outfits reflect that genuine nature. Camille is where Parisian nonchalance meets American boldness.

Her uniform: denim, vintage band t-shirts and cowboy boots.



courtesy of Gala Gonzales

Spanish New Yorker Gala Gonzales was one of the first to build a brand by simply being herself. On her resumé? Blogging, modelling, deejaying and designing. Add writing to the list, as her book #GalaConfidential was recently published. Is there something she can’t do? Gala has that girl-next-door vibe, and somehow always keeps it elegant. Her style is versatile, as she goes from colourful statement pieces to a pair of black Converse. Most of her outfits have a Spanish soul - they are electric, elevated and bohemian-inspired.

Her uniform: white jeans, cosy sweaters and loafers.



White wine on a terrasse, a newspaper under the arm and warm croissants in the morning... What’s more Parisian? The answer has a fringe and a weakness for red lipstick. Jeanne Damas embodies that certain freedom that French women have - the one mentioned in À Paris, the book she co-authored. Jeanne is a model, actress and blogger lauded for her entrepreneurial mind-set and her nonpareil taste. She is the founder of Rouje, which is the translation of her persona into a brand: lipsticks and a series of sober and sophisticated must-haves you certainly came across on Instagram.

Her uniform: boots, jeans and an oversized blazer.



Never banal, always elegant - Eleonora Carisi became a style icon for her great eye for colours, textures and prints. After opening a boutique in Turin, she then launched a clothing label. She then became a blogger, model, and made a cameo appearance in Zoolander2. She is also a creative director and co-founder of Grumble Creative, a digital agency that also represents creative talents.

Eleonora dynamically combines eccentricity and maturity. You can just smell her confidence. Wait, maybe it's because she walked multiple red carpets...

Her uniform: printed dresses and heels.



Aussie New York-based designer, model, photographer and blogger Alexandra Spencer is the co-founder and creative director of Réalisation Par, the label behind the oh so popular polka wrap-dress. Thanks to the success of her online brand, she appeared on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list in 2018. Isn’t that something?

Alexandra's aesthetic is singular. Scrolling through her Insta feed is like taking a breath of fresh air. Just like her outfits, which are sheer femininity with a laid-back vein.

Her uniform: jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of Converse.

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