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Accessories guide for 2019

Are you sure to be ready for 2019? Do you already know all accessories trends?

Here a guide for you!

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Stylishly sustainable

If 2019 is not the year of eco-responsible decisions

we don’t know what year will be. And the good news

are that fashion is slowly getting there. This year,

Vivienne Westwood has teamed up with 24bottles to

design a stylish reusable water bottle to carry with

you everywhere. More than a simple sustainable act,

this bottle is a political statement in itself with a design

representing NASA’s projection of the effects of

a 5°C raise of global temperatures. We found the perfect

way to ally fashionability and eco-consciousness.

Futuristic eyesight

For this coming year, the neon trend extended to

eyewear and sunglasses have turned futuristic. Spektre

offers us a great alternative to our boring black

sunglasses with outstanding eyewear made to be seen

on every fashion week street style picture. The neon

yellow of this sunglasses pair will make your simple

outfits pop and make you look like you came straight

from 2039.

Sneakers Mania

Unsurprisingly 2019 will be another good year for

sneakers, the main styles remaining chunky and

vintage inspired. For a few seasons already, the

trendy sneaker has become the new stiletto. Officine

Creative added a nice twist to this mega-trend with

a chunky black and white color-block shoe. This pair

will make you master the casual fashionable look

and balance all your colorful outfits perfectly.

Statement Earrings

Don’t think for a second that statement earrings are

going anywhere, 2019 will be another year for your

ears to shine. Our suggestion is this bright green plastic

pair by Chen2g that will for sure make heads turn.

Whether you want to tone it down with a plain black

outfit or matching neon garments, this pair of earrings

will be a gamechanger in your outfit picks.

Minimal class

As for bags, they will keep following the same guidelines

as in 2018: tiny, structured and minimal. The

tight relationship between design and fashion will

get through with a collaboration between the German

bag label Tsatsas and architect-turned-designer

Dieter Rams. This black purse was designed in the

early 60s as a surprise gift for his wife by Rams but

never got released. The «0931» is the ideal balance between

classic and progressive, modern and vintage,

everything we will need for 2019.

By Gaétane Auffret

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