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Makeup as a lifestyle: interview with Maddie North

Rooted in New Zealand and currently based in the city sparks her the most – LA, Madeline North is a Celebrity and Editorial Makeup Artist and Hair stylist, represented by Wilhelmina LA, whose client roster includes Lorde, Olivia Culpo, Nick Jonas, and Lykki Li.

left: by Mike Gonzales | Right: by  Egor Tsodov

left: by Mike Gonzales | Right: by Egor Tsodov

Talented young artist represented by Wilhelmina LA, she worked with important magazines and her works gracing the pages of Numéro, Schon!, ContentMode, Playboy, Fantastics, and the list goes on.

On her Instagram you can take a peek of her incredible work, just image after

image of the most sublime dewy-modern looks.

photos by Holly Parker

photos by Holly Parker

Maddie is not a rule follower. Inspired from the most talent make-up artists she prefers to do not "colour within the lines" although, of course, she can do it, and exceptionally well. Maddie North can draw a graphic eye like a painter artist who passionately embraces colours, but she also know when a look has to be fresh and pure.

This is a real sign of talent, and Maddie have it. We had a little chit-chat with her to find out something more…

left: by Mike Gonzales | Right: by Holly Parker

left: by Mike Gonzales | Right: by Holly Parker

Three words to describe your work and your signature look? Well, my favs would be dewy, fresh and beauty!

When did you decide you wanted to be a make-up artist and do you remember your first job? I did a make-up course in New Zealand maybe 8 years ago? I really enjoyed it and started doing music videos and press photos for my friends on the weekend! I think my first job was my friends music video it was so fun being on set!

Which famous makeup artists have influenced you the most, and how? I’ve always loved Pat McGrath and Lottie is really incredible too - both just so creative.

photos by Marcus Ezell

photos by Marcus Ezell

Your works look fresh, minimal, modern and eye-catching - where did you get inspiration from? Thanks! Um… Fashion Week is always a fun inspiration, just scrolling through Instagram, but mainly when I see someone’s face that’s what inspires me!

We read you have a lot of musician friends, do you usually like listening to music when you work? Ya, I love listening to music on set – makes the day more fun.

left: ph. by Chris Vonsteinbach

left: ph. by Chris Vonsteinbach

Born in New Zealand and now based in Los Angeles, which city inspires you the most? I would say probably LA just because the industry is way bigger. Models come from all over the world to work in LA so I feel very fortunate I’m able to be here! Plus every celeb lives in LA.

What is your favourite editorial you have ever done? I did an editorial for Playboy in Acapulco it was incredible and the team were just so lovely and fun! Basically felt like a vacation – ahahah.

by Mike Gonzalas

by Mike Gonzalas

What do you love most about makeup? We are sure you have so many products to choose from, what is your never without? Never without my “Boy Brow”! My fav product, also Tom Ford due contour palette, I use it on almost every shoot.

The job in fashion is quite unique with ups and downs. What are your tools to keep you balanced and confident? I make a lot of jokes!! I’m a pretty positive and silly person on set, which definitely helps.

left: ph. by Zach Sutton | Right ph. by Katie Nolan

Check out Maddie North and her amazing work on Instagram: @maddienorthmakeup

by Veronica Valdambrini

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