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An independent woman looking for of her inner self. A free spirit at one with nature. Her suitcase is ready but not necessarily adequate for the type of adventure she is undertaking. She needs a change of scenery, gets out of her comfort zone and jumps on a camper van. Drive through a wild coast where the coral reef meets the rainforest, crossing a valley with mountains that rise on both sides and ends its journey to the sea on a long rocky coast.

Photography Domenico Petralia c/o ProductionLink

Production Passepartout4u srl

Art Direction & Style Joanna Gyamera

Model Isabella Ridolfi c/o WhyNot models

Hair style Erisson Musella using Dyson and Moroccanoil

Makeup Rodrigo De Souza using Laura Mercier

Assistants Fabio Massari, Michele Calderoni

Post production Virgil Hritcu

Special thanks to Johannes March

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