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Being "fashionable" also means being interested in details. So, what better triumph for accessories than to show them during fashion weeks? A sea of people poured into the street in the most disparate looks; extreme eccentricity or careful research of an ultra-chic elegance, all super "paparazzato" by the many photographers who crowd around location of the various shows, hoping to shoot the celebrities.

It's here that the ring, the sunglasses, the signed micro handbags will have the right exposure compared to the normality in which they maybe can go unnoticed.

And if we think of the importance of street style in the search for future trends by brands and companies, it is clear why it is so fundamental for a fashion lover to follow not only fashion shows during fashion weeks, but also all what happens in the streets.

Street style New York & Paris fashion weeks by Ashley Gallerani & Andee Maher

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