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"A Haus of Gaga is Born"

courtesy Las Vegas Times ©cycySanders

Dear “little monsters”, big news for you. Haus of Gaga, Lady Gaga’s first museum in the world, is now open in Las Vegas. The announcement follows the singer’s outstanding appearance at MET Gala 2019 where, covered in (glorious) bright pink, Stefani Germanotta conquered once again the world’s attention. However, this time something even more epic has just begun: Lady Gaga’s legacy is magically turning into a memorable experience for visitors.

courtesy Las Vegas Times ©cycySanders

Hosted by her new residency in Las Vegas and inspired by the name of her own communication team, Haus of Gaga features a permanent exhibition inside Hotel Park MGM to celebrate the first opening of the popstar’s personal archive to the public. Germanotta’s (unachievable) style has become a true source of inspiration over the years: from the outrageous meat dress she wore in 2010 to dreamy couture gowns, the most memorable costumes from Gaga’s remarkable performances and red carpets are now officially on display. Visiting the exhibition, which was inaugurated by Lady Gaga herself with a ribbon cutting ceremony on May 30th, will be just like diving into the star’s rock world. Close your eyes, let the iconic pieces of her wardrobe come to your mind and then open your eyes again: the dream has just come true, welcome to Gaga’s universe. Among the 20 outfits and 40 wigs chosen by Nicola Formichetti, the singer’s fashion director, some worth mentioning pieces are definitely the cigarettes-made sunglasses worn in the Telephone video, the Versace bodysuits for the Superbowl 2017’s performance as well as the Brandon Maxwell gown for the Met Gala 2019.

courtesy Las Vegas Times ©cycySanders

In a nostalgic mood for A Star is Born? The Oscar winning actress and song-writer also brings to Haus of Gaga the jeans and T-shirt ensemble worn by her character, Allie, in the film. More importantly, some of the items will be auctioned from time to time to donate proceeds to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, created to support young people’s mental health and empowerment. And if you can’t wait to take a souvenir home with you, there’s nothing Lady Gaga hasn’t planned yet: exclusive products signed by Haus of Gaga are on sale right now. Las Vegas, here we come.

written by Federica Caiazzo


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