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Prada Cruise 2020 collection

Photo Filippo Fior /

Prada presented its Cruise Collection last Tuesday in New York and respected all the (high) expectations we have on it. Intellectual style, extremely modern and classy at the same time is the demarcation characteristic of the Italian brand.

Photo Filippo Fior /

Miuccia Prada decided once again to use her creativity to make a statement: clean items and shapes, classy patterns and a balanced meeting between feminine and masculine. Those are the guide line for the women of the future. They are about a subtle but well define issue in the actual fashion system, which is the uncontrolled exaggeration that seems to led the market nowadays.

Photo Filippo Fior /

A new reflection on an everlasting binomial, fashion and ostentatious on one side and on the other private and natural possess of style.

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written by Giulia Greco


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