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"Acne SS20 menswear: the fresh youth"


Avant guard is in young minds, and no one explained it better than the last menswear collection by Acne. The designer Jonny Johansson had a look to university students close to his house, and stole from their fresh and genuine style, not filtered and free way way to use clothes. Fascinated by this casual approach, which seem to be drove only by pleasure - both for what is aesthetically beautiful and for what makes you feel comfortable when wore - Johansson put on stage a wearable collection, that is also very original. Young students’ taste is usually a mix of not defined and chaotic styles, which come from different worlds.


A very free behavior as much as it goes beyond political correctness and put together PVC and brocade freely. Classic garments as trousers and shirts meet ecliptic details, especially when it comes to accessories. Colourful foulards around the neck, chain as jewels and sneakers with socks, cowboy boots or loafers.


Acne makes up a funny parade of young alternatives. Their speciality is to use everything surround them according to their values and dreams. A comfy style, far from exaggeration. The challenge is to be over, still staying minimal.

Words by Giulia Greco


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