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"ArtyCapucines: a conversation between Louis Vuitton and art"

The famous French Maison has collaborated with six international artists for the decoration of the iconic Capucines bag, first invented in 2013 to celebrate the opening of the very first Louis Vuitton store in 1854, in Rue des Capucines.

Today, the bag is redesigned once again under the artistic supervision of the French house and the artists Alex Israel, Sam Falls, Nicholas Hlobo, Urs Fischer, Tschabalala Self and Jonas Wood. Each of these has reinterpreted the iconic bag according to their own artistic vision, producing six pieces each.


For his Capucines, Alex Israel took inspiration from his California wave, a work he exposed at the exhibition called “New Wave” held last year at the Gagosian Gallery in Hong Kong. The two decorative surfboard fins hide a portable mirror and a comb. With no doubt, it’s about a connubium of vivid colours.


Sam Falls’ creations presents a jacquard weave with handmade embroidery. The preciousness of the bag can be discovered through the mother-pearled details of the logo and the handle rings.


Nicholas Hlobo has created a very impactful bag using a smooth black surface with a hand-laced blue flower embroidery that embraces the Capucines, creating an interesting contrast.


Urs Fischer’s Capucines was inspired by the white Taurillon bag. The six creations are enriched with silicone decors of fruit and vegetables, which are linked to the bag through a gold-pleated brass chain.


Tschabalala Self has proposed a patchwork created with 19 types of leather with colourful details realized with lizard leather. The bag is made of 200 hand-cut and painted shapes. A true celebration of the house’s savoir faire.


Jonas Wood’s Capucines recalls the works of the artist himself, who has proposed a printed motive which was later embroidered with over 200.000 stitches. The bag is decorated with a giraffe-shaped charm and with the logo in matt pink.

The collection is a limited edition of 300 pieces that will be distributed starting from the 25th of June 2019.

Written by Ludovica Mucci


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